01 Jul: Field Linguist Position available

Position Filled Aug 2019. The Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre is looking for an experienced linguist for the position of Field Linguist. The position is based in Kalgoorlie and entails extensive field work through the Goldfields region on Aboriginal languages. Working with a small, dynamic team in Kalgoorlie, the field linguist will be involved in a wide range of events and activities whilst working on the recording, analysis and documentation of Aboriginal languages specific to the region. We’re looking for someone dynamic, hard working and motivated with excellent team membership capabilities. A driver’s license, experience with off road driving, the ability to camp out and enjoy it are essential. The job…

15 May: Nintila Training in NG Lands!

Training for the Nintila 5-minute Phone Film Festival is coming to the NG Lands, Laverton, Leonora and Menzies! It’s free and fun. Get in and make those 5-minute phone films with trainer, Rodney. Nintila competition- there are 4 x $1,000 cash prizes up for grabs! Everyone is welcome to attend the training. Bring your phone along to make a film. If you haven’t a phone, come along anyway. Here are the dates and locations of the training: Date               Location                   Time                          Venue                                    23 May           Blackstone                all day      …


11 Mar: NAIDOC 2019 Polo Shirts

GALC is now taking order for 3 types of NAIDOC 2019 polo shirts. Orders need to be in and paid for by Friday 17th May 2019. Sizes for shirts range from S to XL. Shirts are $50 each. The order form can be found here. Check out the size guide on the order form and make sure you order the right size, no returns accepted. Three styles available in adult polo only.  Central Voice Lore Treaty


06 Mar: Nintila: 5-minute Phone Film Competition

Calling all aspiring film makers!!!! Get your phone out and make a film!  GALC is very pleased to launch Nintila: 5-minute Phone Film Competition 2019 This film competition is for films between 3-5 minutes in length that contain at least 50% of the dialogue in a Goldfields Aboriginal language. That can be oral language, hand sign or written language. It may be one language or more than one. The languages must be Goldfields Aboriginal languages. Aboriginal English is a dialect of English so does not count towards the Aboriginal language content. (Yes, the language content will be translated and the number of words counted.) There are 4 categories of entry,…


08 Jan: How to Read and Write Goldfields Aboriginal Languages

GALC has released a new booklet, ‘How to Read and Write Goldfields Aboriginal Languages.’ This booklet contains the alphabet for each of the Goldfield’s Aboriginal languages. The booklet is available at GALC’s office for $5 or as a free download .pdf from this website. Find the booklet here. Audio recordings of the words on each alphabet chart are being uploaded and will be available here on this website late in January 2019.


24 Oct: New Alphabet and Body Part Charts

New alphabet and body part charts are now available at GALC in the following languages: Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjarra Wangkatja Maduwongga Manytjilytjarra Kaalamaya All charts are full colour and printed on rip-proof material. No more dog-eared charts or laminating costs! All charts are $40 each. Free .pdfs of the alphabet and body parts charts are available for downloading from the language pages in this website. Purchase at GALC’s office in Kalgoorlie or by credit card on (08)9021 3788 or email info@wangka.com.au  


16 Aug: Book Launch: Children’s books

GALC is very pleased to announce the launch of 6 bi-lingual children’s stories written by Goldfields women! The short story books are the first publications for 5 of the authors. The books are available at GALC for $8.00 each or $40 for a set of all 6. The stories were written by Dorothy Dimer, Janice McKnaulty, Edie Ulrich, Shaneane Weldon and Anne Nudding. A sixth book was inspired by acclaimed writer, Josie Boyle. Each story is in the author’s language and English with quirky and fun illustrations. The books are available at GALC in Kalgoorlie or email us on info@wangka.com.au to order a copy or phone (08)9021 3788 to do…


25 Jun: GALC’s NAIDOC Aboriginal Film Festival 2018

The GALC team are very pleased to announce a totally free Aboriginal film festival to be held right here in Kalgoorlie during NAIDOC week, 9-13 July 2018!! There are five films in the festival. Each starts at 6pm at Orana Cinema. Tickets are essential. These can be obtained at the Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre. Download the film festival program from here. People attending without tickets can join the stand-by line and fill empty seats at 6pm. But save yourself the hassle and chance of missing a seat by picking up your free tickets before the film.  Maximum of 4 tickets per per adult. We need to make sure as many…


25 Jun: 2018 GALC Aboriginal Language Awards

Bega Garnbirringu receiving an award in 2017 Its that time of year! Get in your nominations for the Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre’s language awards. Nominate someone who is a language champion, an elder who keeps language alive with the grandkids, a school doing a good job of teaching language or maybe a business that ensures Aboriginal language speaking clients have access to interpreters. Maybe you know a youth who is making sure they learn their heritage language? Whoever it is that you feel should be nominated, stand up and nominate them! Nominations close Friday 29th June 4pm. Get them in by mail, email to info@wangka.com.au or drop them in to…